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SharedAim specialises in helping organisations that recognise the importance of understanding their customers (and employees or other stakeholders) in human terms. Whether needing a human perspective on a specific issue, humanising an existing customer journey or creating a full HUMAN EXPERIENCE STRATEGY (HES), we can help you by using our unique ALWAYS HUMAN® philosophy and CXonFire® methodology.

Business is essentially humans serving humans but what this means in practice is still not fully appreciated or embedded in traditional ways of designing customer experiences. But the signs are that it will become an increasingly important factor in deciding which organisations thrive and which ones fall behind. In fact the human experience revolution is already underway: people want digital convenience but also demand human connection when they need it.


A HES provides a means to align the human needs of customers, employees and other stakeholders in a way that creates value and enhances investments made in other parts of the business. Whether you are humanising within a legacy infrastructure or creating a new human by design strategy, a HES should be your guide.

Whilst all organisations should have a HES, we typically find that those that benefit most are:

  • When there is a need to differentiate and drive growth in a competitive environment
  • Where there are unexplained differences or issues in terms of predicted and actual customer behaviour or feedback
  • Where the customer needs are largely assumed or are weakly represented compared to other influences. For example, in environments that are highly regulated, professionalised, process-oriented or hierarchical/siloed.
  • When planning for major change or transformation in other areas of the business, for example implementing a digital programme or introducing new customer-facing processes.
  • Following major change where a HUMAN EXPERIENCE STRATEGY was not included and there are now issues arising or the customer experience is out of balance e.g. good digital experience but poor human to human options or experiences.
  • Where there is a need to engage employees or other stakeholders ahead of a customer experience programme being launched or when an existing one is being introduced to new parts of the organisation. Often this phase is about winning over hearts and minds.

SharedAim has created a pioneering approach to understanding customers in human terms, one that fundamentally differs in its philosophy and application from traditional marketing led perspectives. Our approach accepts, and in fact embraces, humans as variable and multi-dimensional beings. This brings with it a level of uncertainty which many organisations find uncomfortable, although it is one that more accurately reflects the reality of our customers worlds. And so, we use a range of techniques that work effectively with ambiguity and complexity to arrive at simple solutions.

This provides a more complete and authentic perspective from which to understand customer needs and expectations. And by connecting with customers as humans, it is easier to effectively engage them with the wider issues they increasingly care about and expect you too as well, for example environmental or social issues.

As a boutique consultancy we do not offer generic solutions but will help you find the right one for you. We can provide consultancy services, act as a critical friend, or undertake periodic health checks.

Whatever your needs, to arrange a free and no obligation chat about creating a human experience strategy or our related services, please book a call.

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