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Presenting and content creation / communication – suitable for all employees

We deliver unforgettable and award-winning presentations that are perfect for inspiring your employees, clients, or other stakeholders. Our key-note presentations are also perfect for conferences. We keep it simple and focus on a key message that is brought to life through examples that will ensure audiences can engage with and quickly act upon their new knowledge.

We run a limited number of open presentations. To be informed of our upcoming events please sign up to our newsletter.

We also offer in-house presentations where we can adjust the input to deliver unique and personalised content, for maximum impact. These can be in support of delivering a HUMAN EXPERIENCE STRATEGY, to enhance a specific project or as part of a general capability building programme.

Current keynote presentations include:

  • CXonFire® – an overview of some key concepts of the importance of understanding the human experience, illustrated by examples from David’s distinguished career in the fire and rescue service.
  • WHAT DO YOU KNOW? – a light-hearted look at the serious influence of the role of evidence, assumptions, and myths.
  • UNCERTAINTY – a discussion of how organisations can embrace uncertainty to create opportunities.
  • YOUR ROUTINE IS THEIR EXCEPTIONAL – the dangers of forgetting that your everyday role may be a once in a lifetime event for your customer or service user.

We can also create compelling content in other forms. Either way we ensure that the information is clear, memorable, and actionable.

To arrange a free and no obligation chat about any of our presentation and or other content services, please book a call.

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