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Always Human

The ALWAYS HUMAN® concept underpins both the philosophy and practice of SharedAim. It was developed by David based on over a decade of studying the behaviour and motivation of customers, as well as observing the human factors that influenced cross departmental and inter-organisational service development.

During his research, David identified that for various reasons organisations rarely have a true understanding of their customers (or other stakeholders) in human terms. And this causes a detrimental gap between the organisation and its customers. And this cannot be resolved by repeating the processes that created it in the first place.

As such, the ALWAYS HUMAN® philosophy was developed to provide a new and more authentic way to connect organisations with their customers and all the other people it interacts with.

For example, generic terms such as customer, citizen, patient, or employee are often used to define the nature of a relationship between a brand and a person. Whilst helpful in some respects, these often have the effect of limiting, from the start, the ability of an organisation to see the whole person. This relationship is by necessity very important to the organisation, and they may devote considerable time and resources to understanding this specific dimension of a person.

But for the customer (or other role) the opposite is usually true. Their relationship with an organisation may account for a small amount of their time or be relevant only for a limited period. And the person does not participate in any of these roles isolated from everything else in their lives, which will remain influential to a variable extent throughout. Neither are customers passive recipients of a service, and their interaction (actual or potential) and yet this factor is rarely if ever, built into service design, delivery, measurement, and development.

ALWAYS HUMAN® offers an entirely new approach from which to authentically engage customers and meet their needs, whether you are creating a new human-centred strategy or humanising an existing customer journey. The key is to start by seeing the whole person, the human that is always present, and then understanding how this influences their specific relationship with the organisation.

Our ALWAYS HUMAN® philosophy and CXonFire® methodology work together to make your HUMAN EXPERIENCE stand out.

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