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Capacity building – suitable for all employees

Our workshops are perfect for creating the capability needed in your organisation to understand what it means to be ALWAYS HUMAN® and how to apply these ideas to transform your customer’s experience.

Whether you want to develop this capability as part of a transformation programme or to underpin continuous improvement, our workshops will have an immediate impact. We can adjust the content of any workshop so that all employees can receive the same core messages but in a way that is tailored for their role.

We also run a limited number of open access workshops which offer an excellent way to meet people from different organisations or sectors. We believe some occasional randomness is always a fantastic opportunity to let serendipity create diverse connections and insights. To be informed of our upcoming workshops please sign up for our newsletter.

We also offer in-house workshops where we can adjust the input to deliver unique and personalised content, for maximum impact. These can be in support of delivering a HUMAN EXPERIENCE STRATEGY, to enhance a specific project or as part of a general capability building programme.

Either way, all our workshops include an introduction to the topic and a case study to bring the ideas alive followed by a facilitated, audience-led discussion to really embed the new knowledge.

Attendees will take away resources and knowledge that can be put to immediate use when they return to work. We also offer an option to provide ongoing support for attendees as they apply their learning at work.

Current workshops include:

  • ALWAYS HUMAN® – an introduction to the concept and implications of an ‘always human’ approach
  • DESIGNED FOR LIFE – a practical step by step guide to designing experiences and services for human needs, using examples from David’s work in the Fire and Rescue Service.
  • IT’S NOT THEM, IT’S YOU – a guide to understanding why you are usually wrong to call your customer irrational or blame them for things going wrong. And how to develop an effective strategy to positively manage unexpected customer behaviours.

We can also enhance your capability through other targeted interventions such as facilitation, quizzes or moderating at conferences.

To arrange a free and no obligation chat about any of our workshops and related services, please book a call.

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